United States election 2016: What are presidential primaries and caucuses for March?

Donald Trump won it big with the GOP, and Hillary Clinton with the Democrats, but challengers on both sides of the aisle has said they remain committed to running.

One scenario is for Rubio and Cruz to stay in the race if only to prevent Trump from achieving the number of delegates needed to clinch the nomination.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz won in his home state of Texas, neighboring Oklahoma, and in Alaska.

Sanders won four states Tuesday: Colorado, Minnesota, Oklahoma and his home state of Vermont.

Twitter users also responded to Trump’s Super Tuesday victories with jokes.

In six of the states voting Tuesday, large majorities of Republican voters said they supported a proposal to temporarily ban all non-citizen Muslims from entering the United States, an idea championed by Trump.

Trump won in Virginia, Arkansas, Alabama, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Georgia. Winning those states could boost Trump to a commanding lead in the delegate count, but Florida is Rubio’s home state and OH is home for John Kasich, the state’s governor.

Coming within striking distance of becoming the Republican nominee, Trump, who has faced intense attack from other contenders for his radical views, notched up victories in seven statesAlabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Vermont and Virginia. Sanders plans to take the campaign through all 50 states, they said, just as Clinton did in her race against Barack Obama in 2008.

Other online betting venues also gave Trump, a NY billionaire businessman, the strongest odds of winning the nomination. The only Republican with higher unfavorability ratings than Hillary Clinton is Donald Trump (58%). Trump’s support base looks solid at this point, but CNN’s poll suggests that there exists a body of Republicans who wouldn’t turn out for Trump as the candidate. Numerous Republican officeholders had promoted him as the party’s best alternative to Trump, but he’s now 200 delegates behind. Even as Trump professed to have good relationships with his party’s elite, he issued a warning to House Speaker Paul Ryan, who declared earlier in the day that “this party does not prey on people’s prejudices”.

On 12 March, the candidates will take on DC before the Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and OH primaries on 15 March.

Democrat Clinton whipped Sen.

Clinton, once seen as the all-but-inevitable Democratic nominee, has contended with an unexpectedly strong challenge from Sanders, a senator and self-described democratic socialist.

Both Rubio and Cruz said they would continue the battle to take down Trump.

“There is still much more of the nomination process to go and there is a firm resolve among Trump’s rivals to see this through to the end of the process”, says Campbell, author of the forthcoming book Polarized: Making Sense of a Divided America.

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