UN Unanimously Hits North Korea With Strongest Sanctions Yet

Defense spokesman Moon Sang Gyun said the projectiles were fired from the eastern coastal town of Wonsan, adding authorities were trying to determine what exactly North Korea fired.

The United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted the toughest-ever sanctions on North Korea in response to its nuclear and missile provocations on Wednesday.

The sanctions hit valuable exports from Pyongyang, like rare earth materials, gold and iron. They also prevent North Korea from snatching up aviation fuel and various weapons.

“I sincerely hope that the North will now abandon its nuclear development program and embark on a path of change”, said Park, who has taken an increasingly hardline stance with Pyongyang following its nuclear test in January and last month’s long-range rocket launch.

Russian Federation echoed that view, with Ambassador Vitaly Churkin saying the resolution is created to “shut down as much as possible the financing” of North Korea’s weapons program to push Pyongyang back to the negotiating table.

North Korea’s envoy retorted that the nuclear programme was “not directed to harm the fellow countryman but to protect peace on the Korean Peninsula and security in the region from the United States vicious nuclear war scenario”.

Member states must inspect all cargo to and from North Korea, not just those suspected of containing prohibited items.

European Union foreign ministers have reinforced their sanctions several times in recent years to include asset freezes and bans on financing and the delivery of banknotes.

While far from Europe, North Korea is a concern to NATO and to the EU’s Asian trade partners.

But North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s continued pursuit of nuclear weapons apparently angered Beijing.

The resolution doubles the blacklist of people and institutions already sanctioned and requires countries to expel North Korean diplomats involved in any sanctioned activities.

But U.S. and European representatives at the United Nations said the sanctions target only the North Korean regime and its elite ruling class, and are not aimed at ordinary people already enduring hardships. South Korea and the US have said they are prepared to speak with Pyongyang as long as it is willing to discuss denuclearization.

Britain wasn’t far behind, voicing its support for the United Nations resolution on Pyongyang.

North Korea’s state media has warned that enactment of the law would result in “miserable ruin”.

He was in the Organization and Guidance Department (OGD), a powerful and secretive body that finalizes appointments within North Korea’s leading circles and rose to be its second-in-command, according to South Korea’s unification ministry.

China’s backing for the sanctions was essential because North Korea relies on its neighbor for food, arms and energy.

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