Trump dominates Super Tuesday as Cruz asks GOP to unite with him

Clinton and Trump each won at least six of 11 state races as they distanced themselves from party rivals and looked ahead to a November presidential election showdown. Bernie Sanders picked up wins in his home state and in Minnesota, Oklahoma and Colorado, and he vowed to fight on.

Senator Ted Cruz reasserted himself with victories in his home state, Texas, in neighbouring Oklahoma and in Alaska, earning a reprieve as he fends off questions about his viability. Both are seeking to break out as Trump’s main rival.

Ted Cruz is not my favourite by any means”, South Carolina Sen. Instead, he’s watched Trump, a brash NY real estate mogul, display surprising strength with evangelical Christians and social conservatives. Rubio claimed his first victory, as he was projected the victor in Minnesota. He hopes to win his home state on March 15.

But Clinton, who was unbeatable in the southern states with big African-American majorities, trounced him in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Texas and MA. He beat Trump in three contests this primary season, more than any other Republican, a fact he wielded as he called on Rubio and other candidates to step aside. He has seized on the anxieties of voters angry at Washington and anxious about terrorism, immigration and an uncertain economy. Using simple terms, and often coarse language, he has soared to the top of polls with his pledge to “make America great again”. His weakness with black voters, a core part of the Democratic constituency, was underscored anew.

Signaling her confidence, Clinton set her sights on Trump as she addressed supporters during a victory rally.

Tuesday’s outcome moves the contest closer to a Trump-Clinton showdown in the November election, likely be the starkest contrast in presidential candidates American voters have seen in their lifetimes. “The convention could change the rules and say everyone can vote their conscience, and we’ll vote for anyone”, Martin said.

The Republican nominee will need 1,237 delegates to win.

Roe voted for Marco Rubio.

The quote is Baker’s most definitive statement yet regarding how he will handle the possibility of Trump winning the Republican nomination. Including superdelegates – party leaders who get to vote for candidates at the convention – Clinton now has at least 882 delegates. That’s compared to Sanders, who had at least 286 delegates.

One scenario is for Rubio and Cruz to stay in the race if only to prevent Trump from achieving the number of delegates needed to clinch the nomination. After last night, Cruz is only 100 delegates behind Trump. Cruz has 161, Rubio has 87, Ohio Gov. John Kasich has 25 and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson has eight.

Their wins make them runaway favourites to take their respective party nominations. So a period of behind-the-scenes jockeying goes on which hands the nomination to … well, who? Those are big ifs, since Trump appears strong in recent polling in both states. “We’ve got about a 20-point lead”, Trump said Tuesday night, at a post-primary press conference in the Sunshine State.

Kenneth Baer, Democratic strategist and former White House official during President Obama’s administration. Trump later said he had not understood the TV interviewer and he did repudiate Duke.

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