Climate change is occurring everywhere on Earth

Climate change is sure to be a hot topic as elections approach in the United States and Canada. It poses a risk that could eventually lead to a real natural global disaster.

The planet is getting warmer and at the same time is becoming unstable. Scientists continue to lecture that at the rate the world is warming, extreme weather will worsen and areas will be taken over by highly acidic ocean water. With the current trend, one must wonder if any place on earth will be exempt from the harsh effects of climate change.

According to the director of climate science at Columbia University’s Earth Institute, James Hansen, he feels that Switzerland would be the one place on earth that may not feel quite the extreme effects climate change may bring. Switzerland is land locked. Therefore it is shielded from rising sea levels. In addition, authorities in Switzerland take climate change seriously. They were the first to present a proposal to the international climate change agreement. In the proposal, they said they would work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in 2030 to 50% of the levels seen in 1990.

While Switzerland is in good position to fight climate change, they are not immune to its effects. As temperatures continue to rise, snow will melt and the risk of rock slides and flooding will be of major concern in the country. Climate Change is a global phenomenon that does not and will not discriminate anywhere on earth.

Hansen has proven that climate change is occurring at a much faster rate than computer models have predicted in the recent past. He anticipates a rise in sea levels of 10 feet or more within the next 50 years.

Although his study has not been critiqued by other leading scientists in the field, Hansen has a reputation for being an alarmist and for also being correct in most of his estimations.

Image source National Report.


  1. The magnetic North Pole has moved north into Russia so Canada is lower in the hemisphere than it was twenty years ago. This is why the Arctic icecap is melting. Global warming is a United Nations scam.

    • @Al Dunn: your comments:

      1) magentic north pole moved – wrong.

      2) Canada is lower in the hemisphere due Magnetic N pole moving – wrong

      3) Global warming is a UN hoax – wrong

      Your world model is pretty strange buddy.

  2. Billibop Stewart

    “could eventually lead to a real natural global disaster.”
    Incorrect about the “Natural”……… Strictly Man-Made..

    By the way…, Detroit.., “Where are my Electric Cars..?”

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